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Server equipment for those who value time. Binance Payments.

Servers Aething Server equipment for those who value time. Pay in crypto.

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Our company has extensive experience working with startups and enterprise clients. Based on the analysis of the tasks of our clients, we have formed a new business case that we want to offer today to our clients in Europe. Analysis of the activities of numerous startups and international companies allowed us to formulate three solutions that satisfy the needs of our clients by more than 90%. We have selected for you the most optimal server configurations that can be used by companies of any level or type of activity.

Our main business solution is to offer our customers ready-to-ship servers with minimal delivery time. By ordering our server, you can subsequently submit a request for additional components (RAM, hard drives, additional controllers, etc.).

Our main goal is to allow our clients to receive a ready-to-use solution in the shortest possible time and be able to expand it after work has begun. This allows our customers to ensure business continuity or quickly solve their problems in the shortest possible time. We ship tested servers to the client's address directly from the manufacturer's plant and coordinate with clients the supply of the necessary additional components to order, which allows us to provide our clients with the best price and at the same time provide the fastest delivery of equipment.

All servers are ready for shipment. Delivery time in the European Union countries is 3-7 working days. The price includes VAT.
You can also order additional server components and upgrade your existing server configuration. Please bookmark this page for quick access.
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