Affiliate Program - for the Marketing Agencies - Description

Aething Inc. with the support of Retailers Associations (USA, Japan, Germany, France, Dubai) provides a unique opportunity to acquire early exclusive access to a new tool for digital marketing in the retail industry - the Aething app.

Affiliate Program - Description

The Aething app allows retail stores to manage the time of visiting the store and ensures the ability to attract the majority of customers living or currently located in the area chosen to place your ad.

Surveys show that more than 90% of app clients living in a given area will see your ad within 30 minutes of being sent. Such a time to reach clients in a given area cannot be offered by any system in the field of digital marketing today. This result is ensured by our patented business model, in which the Client receives your ad along with a pay-per-view.

What does such a short time to reach users give to retail? This allows you to manage the time your customers visit the store! This gives anyone the ability to plan your sales with the highest accuracy and reduces costs.

Affiliate Program - Description

The application allows the company's clients to send an advertisement in two ways: it will be seen by those clients who live in the territory you have chosen or by clients who are currently located there.

Today we have a unique opportunity to order early access to the application in retail trade. We are giving all retail companies that purchase early access the opportunity to exclusively use the retail marketing application for THREE years. This period will allow any company to gain regular customers and make your store treys best friend!

For just 100 dollars (per store) you get three years of exclusive use of the app. For less than 3 dollars per month, you can get exclusive three-year access to a new online retail marketing tool. The first thousand stores get the opportunity to get early access with an additional 10% discount.

Get three-year exclusive access to the Aething app for supermarkets:

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